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Da kann ich als alter Dosenuser nicht achtlos düberlesen:
New Linux distros still fail a task that Windows 95 -- yes, 95! -- easily handles, namely working with mainstream sound cards. That sends the cost of commercial, paid versions of Linux dramatically higher.
Dans Kommentatoren sind anderer Meinung, aber sie beziehen sich dabei auf technische Fragen subtilster Natur, also etwas für das sich der Durchschnittsuser nicht interessiert. Der Artikel in www.informationweek.com schildert alle Stadien der Installationshölle und ihrer Dämonen:

Der unsichtbare Fehler:
I reinstalled the whole operating system, from scratch, four times! I poked. I prodded. I tweaked. I FAQed. I How-To-ed. I searched Usenet. Nothing solved the problem.
The support staff asked for some log files and diagnostic dumps. I sent them. They then had me manually set some software switches and edit other settings, but that made things worse--the system then lost all graphics modes. I could login only in text mode; otherwise, the system was unusable.
Things rapidly went downhill from there, but this column isn`t about XYZ`s weaknesses in tech support, but rather about a general Linux problem. I can say that because I later duplicated the failure with eight other versions and separate distributions of Linux before I gave up. Not one could get the sound working for more than brief periods.
In Usenet and other user-to-user forums, the most common advice I got was to downgrade my hardware. All I had to do, I was told, was get rid of the brand-new, fully functional sound card and install a card from a few years ago, and Linux would work just fine.
If you check the discussion boards for many of the distributions of Linux, you`ll see that sound support is an extremely common problem, even when the sound system is listed as supported hardware.
Nicht dass darüber mit Außenstehenden geredet wird. Unter uns ist das etwas anderes, aber es wäre doch zu peinlich wenn die Dosen das mitbekommen würden...

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Herbert Press
Antwerpen, 1958.jpg
Antwerpen, 1958
Rom, 1952 Galleria Nazionale dArte Moderna
Rom, 1952 Galleria Nazionale dArte Moderna
Koerperwand, 1991 und 2000.jpg
Koerperwand, 1991 und 2000
La belle jardiniere, 1980
La belle jardiniere, 1980
Le machiniste K. XX
Le machiniste K. XX
Ohne Titel, 1985.jpg
Ohne Titel, 1985

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Homebrew chemical terror bombs, hype or horror?
...Corruption or disaffected scientists might provide access to US or Russian Government stocks, but Aum Shinrikyo, with a very large chequebook, tried both of these and failed.... The Eternal Value of Privacy
..."If you aren`t doing anything wrong, what do you have to hide?" "If I`m not doing anything wrong, then you have no cause to watch me."... Der Suchmaschinen-Robot und der Webdesigner
...Webdesigner: Kennse das?... De Villepin`s labours
...The two-tier labour market in France is the result of a panoply of employment contracts—a standard contract that offers an absurdly high level of employment protection and various other types that offer little to none.... What ever happened to the paperless office?
...The demand for paper used to outstrip the growth of the US economy, but the past two or three years have seen a marked slowdown in sales - despite a healthy economic scene,... And now, the war forecast
...His secret weapon was a piece of software called the Tactical Numerical Deterministic Model, or TNDM, designed by the Dupuy Institute, an unusual military think-tank based near Washington, DC. ... Chasing the dream
...in America violent crime actually fell sharply in the 1990s, just as the use of video and computer games was taking off (see chart 2).... Uranium Provision to Alter U.S. Policy
...By contrast, Nordion already has enough highly enriched uranium to make one or two Hiroshima-size bombs, and its factories do not have to meet the same security standards as Energy Department facilities.... Untrue Believers
...The real global war is not between different faiths. It`s against the madness of those like Atlanta bomber Eric Rudolph, who believe that their violence is noble.... Don`t look now, but Europe is in outer space
...Another current ESA mission, the SMART-1 lunar orbiter, is virtually invisible. Although it reached the Moon last November, ESA has posted only a miserly five pictures from the spacecraft.... The real first responders: citizens?
...Officials don`t take into account people`s natural willingness to help or address their most basic needs - like concern about the safety of their spouses and kids.... Sie haben es „Tube” genannt
...Man wünschte sich, die Sender würden sich darauf beschränken, ein paar sehr gute Simultandolmetscher zu beschäftigen, und das Programm von CNN, BBC World oder ITV einfach nur übersetzen.... Rip. Mix. Burn.
...Publishers should therefore need fewer, not more, property rights to protect their investment. Technology has tipped the balance in favour of the public domain.... Zurück ins Dunkle Mittelalter?
...Und eine Rate 7 Innovationen pro Jahr und pro einer Milliarde Menschen entspricht angeblich der, die es um 1600 gegeben hat. Sollte dies zutreffen, dann würden wir, wie Huebner schreibt, uns wieder einem Zustand wie im Dunklen Mittelalter nähern.... Abmahnen im Cartier-Stil
...Betroffene sind sehr oft keine [local] kommerziellen Markenpiraten oder Ebay-Powerseller, sondern Normalbürger, sogar Schüler, die aus Gefälligkeit für die Familie oder die internet-unkundige Nachbarin eine Brosche einstellen.... Crazy Frog ringtone outsells Coldplay
... Anyone who has watched a commercial television channel over the last few weeks can hardly have failed to be assaulted by adverts for the hideously annoying Jamster Crazy Frog ringtone.... Der Traum vom Wachstum
...Speziell der Bausektor ist in Deutschland von der Sättigung erfasst. Denn in einer reichen Gesellschaft, zumal bei stagnierender Einwohnerzahl, besteht schlicht kein solcher Neubaubedarf mehr wie in der Aufbauzeit.... Jedes Tönchen ein Milliönchen
...Jamba bildet keine Leute aus, verlangt aber in seinen Stellenanzeigen gerne "weit überdurchschnittliches Engagement und hohe Belastbarkeit".... Wal-Mart schließt Filiale wegen Gewerkschaft
..."Wal-Mart feuert diese Arbeitnehmer nicht, weil der Laden Geld verliert, sondern weil Arbeiter ihr Recht wahrnehmen, einer Gewerkschaft beizutreten."... Buying a house? Pick up a flatpack at Ikea
... This week, an Irish-designed flatpack of insulated steel and cedar cladding, valued at £60,000, was erected at the sustainable cities conference in Manchester.... Den Neoliberalismus zähmen
...Wir haben keine Le Pens in Deutschland, und deshalb hatte ich bislang keine Angst vor Rechtsparteien. Meist waren ihre Parlamentarier bedauernswerte Gestalten.... Meanwhile: Drinking and dialing don`t mix
...A photographer friend once misfired a racy text message intended for his girlfriend to a rock star whose phone number he had stored while making arrangements for a photographic session.... Battle bot: the future of war?
... The robots are built with so many "off the shelf" parts available to consumers that they`re sometimes called "PC bots." Proven civilian technologies like global positioning systems (GPS) are reducing the need to develop expensive proprietary systems.... MS updates: real Windows users only need apply
...From the middle of 2005, the company will require users to participate in its "Windows Genuine Advantage" authentication program, if they want to receive software updates from the Microsoft Download Centre or from Windows Update.... MELTING METALS IN A DOMESTIC MICROWAVE
... The first part of this Foundry Note describes a technique for using a domestic microwave oven to melt and cast, to accurate shape, small quantities (up to a quarter of a kilo) of bronze, silver, white metal or iron.... Endangered Gizmos
...Suppose instead that Hollywood and the record companies hunted down, hobbled, or killed these innovative gizmos in infancy or adolescence, to ensure that they wouldn`t grow up to threaten the status quo?...
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